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 Bleach Video Games?

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PostSubject: Bleach Video Games?   Bleach Video Games? Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 11:33 am

ok. i want to purchase a bleach fighting game. i have limited it down to two choices.
Bleach: Shattered Blade
Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd

lets start with shattered blade.
this game is FAIL. it sucks ass. excuse my language, JC , but they made your grimmjow a fag.
ok, it fails in the following ways....
-bad graphics. they characters look like stoned fags.
-bad SFX. a character should not make an "urh" noise 47 times when hit with a cero.
-bad controls, its hard to play.
-not so good fighting system.
-characters have wimpy attacks that do little.
-grimm and ulqui, the "super secret unlockable characters" cannot use their swords.

the only reason i would ever think of purchasing this game is because it is for wii, and that is the only console i own. so, that is why i am concidering it. its still bleach, after all.

Bleach: Shattered Blade Review

This Wii fighter will make you want to dye.
The GoodThe characters and special attacks look alright. The BadThe rest of the game looks shabby The combat is either broken or rochambeau The plot doesn't do the series justice It loads, and then it loads some more. Bleach whitens, so it's a good title for a manga about ethereal ninjas who cleanse evil spirits. It's also toxic, making it an apt name for a game you should avoid at all costs, which, in this case, is Bleach: Shattered Blade. Based on the anime adaptation of the aforementioned manga, Shattered Blade is a dim-witted 3D fighting game that squanders its source with idiot controls, chintzy production values, long loading times, and a lame plot. This is not even a good game for rabid fans, as they are the ones most likely to be offended by Polygon Magic's horrible whitewashing of their favorite fantasy.

If you aren't familiar with the series, Bleach tells the story of a young man who can see dead people and one day inadvertently absorbs all the powers of a young-looking spirit ninja dispatched by heaven to hunt hollows. The hollows are corrupted souls that live in a stark desert and prey on lost spirits they find on Earth. If you can't already tell, Bleach's three worlds are insanely intricate and detailed. They have all sorts of rules, symbols, and random exceptions, but you wouldn't know any of that from Shattered Blade. There are many stories at work in this game, but most follow this formula: Hero X is told by character Y that they need to collect shards to meet pressing objective Z. Upon collecting the shards by beating up a handful of opponents, character Y turns out to be Arturo Plateado, an evil hollow you then defeat. After that, everyone makes fun of your character for being fooled so easily and the credits roll.

Pardon the algebra above, but when you first begin Shattered Blade, you can play through what's called the episode mode with one of three different characters, and the story for each follows the formula above. There is an exception, but for the most part, it's the rule. As you complete episodes with each character, new ones are unlocked for play in episode mode. This might be cool if it weren't for four major factors: the cutscenes, the dialogue, the gameplay, and the loading. Some cutscenes are actually just single, unanimated frames with voice-over. They're cut-pictures. Others have the in-game character models posing while dialogue is read. Here is a pretty good example of the kinds of things people say in Shattered Blade: "I can feel power coming from my body. It's not a bad feeling." And I think every character at some point says "You're after the Sokyoku shards too?!" even though it quickly becomes clear that everyone in the Bleach universe is after the shards.

Despite this minimalist approach to storytelling, every cutscene is preceded and followed by a loading screen. These are cute the first couple of times you see them, drawn as they are in Rukia's erratic style. But they're soul crushing to see the 500th time, especially when you consider the fact that the loading screens take longer than most of the matches. This is especially true in episode mode, where matches are one round long. Wherever you play, the controls are simple: You move with the Nunchuk and execute three types of basic attacks by waving or poking with the Wii Remote. If you hold the B button and wave, you execute your character's special attacks (Orihime, for instance, heals herself). By holding A and waving, you execute the dreaded critical attack.

The critical attack is amazing. It cannot be blocked, it's as fast as a regular attack, and it actually blocks incoming strikes. All you have to do is hold A, swing the Wii Remote, and constantly push the analog stick toward your opponent (to keep him or her in range); then, you are effectively a master of Shattered Blade. This tactic has only two counters: another critical strike and bankai mode. If you and your opponent perform a critical strike at the same time, you'll enter a best of five game of rochambeau, where a vertical slice beats a horizontal one, which in turn beats a poke, which in turn beats a vertical slice. In this mode, a white bar travels down a line, and when it enters a certain window, you must enter your choice. If you end up winning the most rounds out of five, you can hit your opponent for a decent amount of health. As you climb into higher difficulty levels or face human opponents, this becomes the whole game. At least, it is until one of you fills up your power gauge, at which point bankai mode becomes an option. In bankai mode, your character becomes much more powerful and can execute devastating attacks that sometimes fill the entire screen. Nothing in the world is more frustrating than losing three rounds of rochambeau to the computer, only to have it bankai and obliterate you in three cut-sequenced superattacks.

As you critical strike and bankai your way through episodes, you'll gain points that can be spent on various unlockables, such as the single frames associated with a character's episode mode campaign. If you thought they were lame the first time you saw them, wait until the game tries to sell them to you. You can also play through arcade mode (a sequence of eight matches) or versus mode with a friend. Then again, you could just skip the video game and jump right into an old-fashioned game of rock-paper-scissors for the same effect.

Perhaps one of the worst things about Shattered Blade is its graphical quality. This is not because it's bad, but rather, because it's pretty good. The characters are reasonable approximations of their counterparts, and some of the bankai stuff looks pretty intense. If you saw this game at a Wal-Mart and were a fan of the series, you might think it looked pretty cool. You'd be horribly wrong, but it wouldn't be your fault. The voice acting isn't that bad either, although Arturo sounds a lot like Antonio Banderas' Puss in Boots from the Shrek movies, making him even harder to take seriously.

The last issue with Bleach: Shattered Blade is the fact that it costs $50 but isn't worth $1. Its fighting model is rochambeau at best, broken at worst. The story is irrelevant, the cutscenes aren't even scenes, and the dialogue is garbage. There is no reason to play this game, other than to marvel with your friends at how bad it is, until one of you bankais and slaughters the other. This might be fun for small children, but everyone else--especially fans of the anime--should leave Bleach in its bottle.

lets move on to blade battlers.
i like this game. it looks cool. it has a good system, and awesome attacks. but it is for PS2.
i also saw a cheat where you can give yammy an afro.

now, i know several people with a PS2, such as izzy.


"Warning, blade battlers! Game is overloaded with fun, action, and seriously FUNNY jokes!"
Before I begin the review, I'd like to point out that I do not read nor do I understand the Japanese language. Also, I have yet to play any other Bleach games out there. Yes, this is my first, and it proved to be exhilarating for an initial try.


So the game is like a versus style game, just like Tekken or Street Fighter. But of course if you own this game you would most probably have a very high interest in the anime as well. I have read that other Bleach games have English interfaces. I don't know why, but Blade Battlers don't supply English interface, at least not the main menu. You start the game; you come up to a title screen and move on. You'll be immersed almost immediately into a fully-Japanese menu, where, without trial and error or knowledge of reading Japanese, you would most probably be scratching your head or zooming very close to the TV screen. Now don't expect this game to be fully loaded with 3D action that expands 12 hours of gameplay (despite my over-exaggerating title). Don't. It is very simple and easily finished, especially if you play the game non-stop. However it is also very much addictive, and falling on the negative side, a one speedy short videogame that will surely cause your boredom to worsen... if overdosed.



As mentioned, the game comes out almost all Japanese. For me, it was trail and error. Of course thanks to a handy dandy FAQ available in GameFAQs, you can always view the translated menu online. But since the game itself is rather less perplexed than it appears to be, I guess it would take one less than several tries before one can achieve a familiarized state with the menus. That is good news especially if you don't understand the language.

Moving on to the storyline. Well basically there is a story mode in the game. According to my personal observation, the villains stay as villains and heroes well... stay as heroes but they mix and match the fights and you must complete them. It is stand-alone, meaning it doesn't follow the anime or the manga. It is short, about 6 “episodes”. One episode varies in length, since it could contain from two fights to four fights in total. Some of them are quite humorous, and that wins the story rating overall!

As for the characters, they're really well animated. There are 23 (or so) characters available for players to pick, although you begin with 5 and unlock as you complete the mission mode. The main characters are available when you start, and if you wish to play with more characters, you can almost immediately start unlocking them by playing the missions. The story doesn't allow the player to pick their desired characters since well, it IS story mode after all.

The gameplay is okay. I find them quite simple and easy to master, and the button combinations are good for your controller's health. =) It doesn't have any tough combinations for you to memorize nor does it have an on-screen button combination where you perform in a timed manner. Nothing like that... Just simple combos for you where I find casual and lovable. Easy too... Many of the combinations are universal; they are used for almost all the characters, so there isn't a secret technique for a particular character in the game, although of course the special abilities vary from one character to another.

Every character have their weapons from the anime, and they can perform special moves. If a character is a Shinigami, then he or she wields that katana. And so he or she has “Ban-Kai”... so he and she can go into Ban-Kai mode. Just like Ichigo in his black, super-speedy outfit wielding the Tetsa Zangetsu... Exciting, I know... But just wait until you realize how bad his Ban-Kai is... Anyway, that's about it. You don't have to gain anything to do their abilities, they are fixed and you cannot gain anymore either. Now that's limiting. However it is best to keep it original.

The mission mode is divided into two; the “main” mission mode and another “special” mission mode.

The normal mission mode allows players to finish the mission with any available characters (with or without a support character) and they are rated based on time factor and several others. A mission may or may not contain extra lives, or any other supporting factors. A higher ranking means more marks; more marks means more playable characters. Do you now see the concept? In order to get the unavailable characters when you freshly start the game, you have to attain the overall mark the game has set for each characters (higher marks don't equal better characters though). These missions can support an ally, which means a second player can join in. So this is a great two-on-two co-op mode which you can enjoy with an awful brother or cousin or a cool sister, or maybe your mom... Yeah... that's that.

The other, the “special” mission mode is a little tough to explain, however I'll do my best. In this mode, the characters are fixed and it's a one-on-one battle, meaning neither a supporting CPU nor your mommy or daddy can join in. In this mission mode, you pick a selection (where two characters are already matched in a battle) and defeat your opponent. But you cannot simply defeat them; you need to finish them off with a special move (the cinematic attack I was talking about earlier). Fail to do so results in a game over... Well, that is why you must always save up your spirit energy... okay, I'll explain the battle menu now...

Your health is displayed on the top screen just like many other battle games. Underneath your life bar is a blue bar, the rietsu or spirit energy bar. This will play a major role in the game. You attack an enemy or receive damage, either one will cause the bar to rise. Maxing it out will allow you to use your special move, or activate “Ban-Kai” or any other associated power that is leveled with it. However your health must be lower than 50% or in the danger state to use this. Makes more sense to save the best for last, eh? In the middle is the clock, but many missions aren't timed, and they are as simple as beating your opponents, but be warned that some missions are not as simple as just that. So this is why the game is far too simple... Pretty much means that there isn't much exploring or unlocking to do... But wait, there's more.

The “Special” mission mode will unlock something extremely cool. Ever wondered how the characters would perform OTHER character's special moves or Ban-Kai? Finishing the fights in this mode unlocks the ability to swap the characters with their special abilities, whoever they face in the special mission mode. Say, Ichimaru gin versus Renji. If you beat the mission, you are able to switch the special abilities of Renji with Ichimaru, so the next time you perform a special move; Gin will bring out Zabimaru for you... Completely ridiculous and funny! Definitely something you don't wanna miss in the game.

Now, picture Kon holding Zangetsu... How would that look like? :p



I love the music, they're really good. Nothing serious or horror-like, but they hold suspense in certain parts of the game. But more importantly are the voices. The voice actors are the original anime casts, so expect them to be similar. The feeling is there, just like watching the anime when you perform hits or get beaten to the ground. They have audio expressions; plus you get to see their interviews and stuff. Pretty cool once you've unlocked them.



Nothing too great about the graphics, but it wasn't a bother to me. But since I needed a rating, I guess 6 is a fair one. Basically they keep their anime look, and almost all their clothing are similar to the ones portrayed in the anime. They're quite average actually, but at the same time they're quite enjoyable. I still liked the style, but I cannot exaggerate on this one too much. One advice though; don't worry too much if you have doubts on the graphics. The gameplay far surpasses the urge to complain on the graphics, and it'll make up for its flaw. =)



Now, now why would you go and play again? :p
To be honest, I've actually played the story mode twice, and yes it's a re-play. I've played the mission mode all over again in the toughest difficulty (well there are only two difficulties to begin with...) just to get S rankings for all the missions.

If you do that, you will unlock a feature that enables you to have infinite spirit energy! Easy as hell once you get this on. Also, the S ranking is only attainable in the hard difficulty, so if you've finished all the missions with an A, you might want to try them with better and tougher enemies and try to get an S for them. I'd say yes if you're still not bored with the game! =)



A good game, not very extensive in terms of length or bonuses, but seriously, this game will make you laugh! Even if you have no knowledge of what they speak of, seeing the videos in the Urahara shop will get you laughing in the middle of the night till your folks wake up! And believe me, once you see Kon's special attack, you'd definitely want to see the rest of the characters performing his move... in his shoes! So yes, get the game, even if you have to wait for your shipment!

soo, what game do I get? i appreciate replies with reasons, devin, kendell, and don, i am looking forward to your responses especially. :D

Bleach Video Games? WB_ShizuoSig

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PostSubject: Re: Bleach Video Games?   Bleach Video Games? Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 11:53 am

Ok first, the PS2 is mine, it's in my room and Devin doesn't play it anymore (just to cheat on pokewalker stuff). Second, I will either have to keep my room clean or let you rent it for 5 cents a day. Third, doesn't Skyler have one? I think you should get Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd. I think we can only get you to rent the PS2 but we'll see.
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Shizuo Heiwajima
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PostSubject: Re: Bleach Video Games?   Bleach Video Games? Icon_minitimeWed Jul 07, 2010 2:43 pm

thank you!
thank you for your time.

Bleach Video Games? WB_ShizuoSig
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PostSubject: Re: Bleach Video Games?   Bleach Video Games? Icon_minitimeWed Jul 07, 2010 9:05 pm

I read the topic. I'm just not the type to get a game based on a TV show. I almost have no opinion. :D
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PostSubject: Re: Bleach Video Games?   Bleach Video Games? Icon_minitime

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Bleach Video Games?
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