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 Shigeru vs. Red [One Post Only]

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PostSubject: Shigeru vs. Red [One Post Only]   Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:16 pm

Shigeru had basically completed his quest in both Johto and Kanto. He has gotten all 16 gym badges, and met the legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia, Ho-oh. He as even challenged and defeated Mewtwo. He didn't feel as though he was strong enough to move on. He re-battled the Elite Four, and all 16 of the Gym Leaders. After doing this, he flew to Pallet Town and asked Professor Oak, what else could be done. The wise professor replied, "There's only one thing left to do. Take this pass, it will let you travel to the left of the Pokémon League Reception Gate into Route 28. At the end of that Route is Mt. Silver. Only true Pokemon Masters can traverse this mountain. Once you have completed this, there would be nothing left to do in the Johto, and Kanto area. If you still want to train with your Pokemon, talk to me after you've finished this challenge."
Following Prof. Oak's guidance, Shigeru showed the ticket to the guard at the reception gate. He then breezed through the grass full of wild Ponyta and Tangela, and reached the Pokemon Center at the end. Shigeru healed his Pokemon, then left the center and found the entrance to Mt. Silver. The sun shined brightly, and Shigeru went in with confidence. It must've taken him at least twenty minutes, but he finally made it out side, when it started to snow lightly. He continued on into the cave again, having his Meganium use Rock Climb to traverse the long walls of the deep cave. He made it out side again, and it started to snow even harder. When he made it back inside he collected his Pokemon and asked if they were all ready for a really big challenge, in which they all nodded. He withdrew all of his Pokemon except for Sandakyato, and adventured on. He finally reached the last entrance. Shigeru and Sandakyato reached the final hallway where it was hailing the hardest, amidst all of the cloud covering the mountain, he saw a lone boy dressed in red. Shigeru approached the lone boy who had his Pikachu out. The trainer stared at Shigeru with cold eyes, "..." Shigeru's Pokedex rang up, "Pokemon Trainer Red, has saved the Kanto region from Team Rocket's take over of the Saffron City's Silph Co. and has saved countless Pokemon. Once his rival, Blue, became Champion, Red had already overthrown him as Champion. Red had then given the title to Lance, and came to Mt. Silver to train his Pokemon countlessly. He is one of, if not, the most powerful trainer in the Johto Region."

At this instant a Pokemon Battle had started.

Without even giving a command, Red's Pikachu used Thunderbolt on Sandakyato.
Shigeru gave his command, "Crunch!" Sandakyato then took a big crunch onto Pikachu, giving a static paralysis to the Luxray.
Red used a Full Restore on the Pikachu, but Luxray was too paralyzed to make a move.
Pikachu gave another Thunderbolt to the Luxray, making Sandakyato close to fainting.
Shigeru shouted "Use Crunch again!" Sandakyato then gave a big crunch to the Pikachu for the second time.
Shigeru then used a Full Restore to heal Sandakyato to perfect health. Pikachu then did a Quick Attack at the Luxray.
Pikachu used up his last Thunderbolt dealing damage to the lion Pokemon.
As full revenge, Sandakyato instinctively gave Pikachu the biggest Thunderbolt it's ever given, fainting the strong Pikachu.
"Get back" shouted Shigeru to his Luxray. "Go, Kasayumi!" the Lucario came out of then thrown Pokeball. Red summoned a Snorlax to the fight.

"Aura Sphere" Shigeru commanded. Kasayumi then charged a blue sphere and nailed the Snorlax.
Snorlax waved his arms creating a complete Blizzard.
Kasayumi then used one last Aura Sphere nailing the giant Snorlax in a critical point. Fainting the Snorlax.
Shigeru called back Kasayumi, then sent out Sumpex. Red summoned his Charizard to the fight.

The Charizard sent out a great slash that slash the air leading up to Sumpex.
Shigeru commanded, "Sumpex, use Surf!" The Swampurt surf over Charizard with the water he made.
Charizard did another Air Slash, having the Swampurt close to fainting.
Swampurt then Surfed over the Charizard for the final time. The tyrannic Charizard fainted.
"Good job, Sumpex." The Swampurt was swapped for Rijamong. Red summoned Venusaur to fight.

"Go, use Flamethrower!" Rijamong blew a powerful blast of fire at Venusaur.
Venusaur then Sludge Bombed at Shigeru's Charizard.
Red then used a Full Restore to heal Venusaur completely. Rijamong used blasted another large flame towards Venusaur making it close to fainting. Rijamong then came close to Venusaur and stepped directly onto his feet, Rijamong then made a point-blank Flamethrower and fainted the Venusaur once and for all.
Red switched, and summoned Blastoise. Shigeru swapped for Macronium.

Blastoise sent out a huge Blizzard, tacking a toll on Macronium.
"Magical Leaf, go!" Shigeru said. Macronium summoned his leafs and attacked Blastoise.
Blastoise made his last Blizzard, as Macronium faints. Reluctantly, Shigeru calls back the Meganium to his Pokeball. Then sends out Sandakyato.

Sandakyato used it's held Quick Claw to attack first. It made a Thunderbolt and fainted the Blastoise.
Red sent out his final Pokemon, Lapras. Shigeru swapped Sandakyato for Despotar which whipped up a sandstorm.

"Thunder, Despotar!" The Tyranitar summoned a giant Lightning Bolt to zap Lapras. It didn't seem to affect him that much however.
Lapras then used Brine, surrounding Despotar in a perimeter of water which then nails into Despotar.
Shigeru calls to his Pokemon, "Try another Thunder." Despotar made another Lightning Bolt to strike, but Lapras got out of the way.
The Lapras then made another Brine to take care of Despotar. However, the Tyranitar is still standing strong.
Then, the Tyranitar acted on her own. Despotar summoned several stones around the Lapras in a move called Stone Edge, which then stabbed into the Pokemon. Lapras then fainted.
Red had been defeated. He then smiled.

Shigeru stood there in utter silence. "Well then, what now?" Red took out a strange looking egg.

Red tossed the egg into Shigeru's direction. Shigeru ran forward to catch the egg. Shigeru stared in wonder of what the egg could be. He looked up only to see Red disappear into the strong blizzard.
Shigeru had traveled back to Prof. Elm to check on what the egg could be. Elm responded, "I haven't got a clue, it could possibly be a Houndour, Misdreavus, Anorith, Duskull, or a completely new species of Pokemon I haven't seen before. I would say to just take care of it until it hatches, then you'll see for yourself" Elm suggested. Shigeru responded, "I guess I will. What to do now? Oh yeah! Professor Oak wanted me to see him!" Shigeru then ran out of the lab. "Thanks for taking a look!" Elm responded with a good-bye wave. "No problem, good-bye."
"Oh, back already?" Oak said as the time flew right by him. "I want to know what I should do next" Shigeru said while deliberately hiding the suspicious looking egg in one of his back packs. "Well now that you're here. I've got a present for you. Here, take one of these starter Pokemon." Oak said pointing to the three Pokeballs sitting on the table.

Shigeru was surprised. "Woah! Thanks." Shigeru thought for a few minutes. "Who should I choose?" He muttered to himself. Shigeru made up his mind. "I'll give this Pokemon to someone special." Shigeru said thinking about a certain someone. Oak said, "So you want the Pokemon, Charmander? Then it's yours!" Oak said giving the Pokeball to Shigeru. "Now, if you still want to adventure the Pokemon World..." Shigeru's eyes grew wide. "... then take this ticket, then go to Olivine City's harbor, you wil then go to a new region, Hoenn!" Shigeru received the ticket. "Thanks a lot professor!" Oak then said good-bye to Shigeru, "Now go out and have fun while meeting all kinds of Pokemon!"
Shigeru then flew to Olivine City thanks to his Charizard. Before that, Shigeru thought it would be great to rename his Lucario. He decided to rename her Kinata. Shigeru then went to the harbor of Olivine. He flashed the ticket to the gate keeper. Coincidentally, the ship came in to the port. Shigeru then got onto the ship titled the S.S. Tidal. Shigeru was on his way to the Hoenn Region to gain the 8 badges there.

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Shigeru vs. Red [One Post Only]
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